Finding a Private Cord Blood Bank Near You Made Easy!

Private Cord Blood Banking is now becoming a widespread stem cell transplant method, and every day new donors and recipients are becoming available. For others, this new rise has prompted them to value the cord blood and the stem cells that could be extracted during childbirth. This has prompted them to decide to privatize their new infant’s cord blood and make it exclusively available for themselves and members of their families. The cost of utilizing the private cord blood bank is one that most people have considered. So the question now lies on how can you find a private cord blood bank near you?

The answer to the question above would be the focus of this article as we try to highlight how to find a private cord blood bank near you. 

Private Cord Blood Bank Near You

Donating Cord Blood to a Public Bank

Choosing A Reliable Private Cord Blood Bank Near You

Choosing a private cord blood bank near you isn’t a task that should be undertaken without proper preparation, as it may be costly in the long run. When we say costly, we mean the loss of wasted time if you make the wrong choice

So it is essential to confirm that the private cord blood bank near you is well fitted with the highest standard of the storage facility and can adequately store umbilical cord blood for as long as possible.

private cord blood bank near you

Locations of Private Cord Blood Bank in the USA, Europe, Australasia

Since you have decided to take on the journey of undertaking cord blood or stem cell collection at birth for your child and family, finding the nearest private cord blood bank is necessary.

These private cord blood banks have begun springing up worldwide as they try to open up their doors to new clients who want to protect their future. 

However, unlike public cord blood banks and collection centers attached to hospitals, you would have to find your preferred private cord blood bank. Many provide their addresses and contact information on their web pages.

Table: List of US-Based Private Cord Banks
Name Location
AlphaCord Atlanta, GA
Americord New York, NY
Cord Blood Registry      Bruno, CA
CorCell​ Helm Drive, NV
CariCord Aurora, CO​
Assure Immune       Miami, FL​
Cord Blood Solutions Montvale, NJ
Core23 BioBank           Springfield, MO
Cryo-Cell International​ Oldsmar, FL​
Cryopoint: Biorepository      Brownsburg, IN
Evercord TM (A Natera Brand Seattle WA​
Family Cord Los Angeles, CA
Family Link Louisville, KY
GeneCell International Doral, FL
Genecord Augusta, GA
LifebankUSA Cedar Knolls, NJ
Lifeforce Cryobanks (Cord for Life SM ) Altamonte Springs, FL
Maze Cord Blood Purchase NY
MiracleCord Chicago, IL
England Cord    Marlborough, MA
PacifiCord Irvine, CA
Safetycord Montvale, NJ

​       ​

Getting A Cord Blood Bank Info Pack

Information plays a vital role in concluding your choice to employ the service of a private cord blood bank near you. The process of collecting your child’s stem cells at birth required you to have ample information

The info pack provides you with all the required information that you’d be needing and all the legalities involved in the process. Since you are probably trying to choose private cord blood to utilize, you should research and get adequate information from their website.

Questions To Ask The Company Of The Private Umbilical Cord Bank

Now you may be confused about the questions to ask the company you have decided to work with to help store your child’s cord blood. Since it’s a private cord blood bank, they would be responsible for the stem cell collection at birth and the storage for the duration before it is needed. So here are questions you can ask.

  • What is the cost of banking my baby’s cord blood?
  • Who decides the possible recipient of the cord blood?
  • Can I decide to end a storage plan?
  • Under what condition is the cord blood stored?
  • Who else has access to my child’s cord blood?
  • What are the legalities involved in this process?
  • Would there be a change in the storage fee over time?
  • How much cord blood can I store?

Insurance in States and Countries of Private Cord Blood Banks

Most people who have insurance seek the help of the insurance company to cover the cost of the health services. However, when it comes to private cord blood banking, the rules may differ based on the state or country of your cord blood bank.

Most insurance companies allow families to store cord blood in cases with a family history of disease requiring such treatments. It would be best if you consult your insurance company to confirm if they allow such cost-covering.

Legal and FDA Approval of Private Cord Banks

Cord blood storage is an essential process, as it involves trusting a company to assure you that they are capable of storing stem cells that could ultimately save the life of you or any member of your family. 

This is why you have to ensure that your private cord blood bank is approved by the FDA and has all the legal licenses required to run such facilities. Several states also give licenses to banks that run operations within their borders, so you can also check with the accrediting agency to confirm if they are licensed.

How To Choose A Private Cord Blood Bank Near You

One of the best methods to find a reliable private cord blood bank near you is to check the ‘Find A Family Bank’ search tool which lists over 200 cord blood banks worldwide and provides an assured list of those you can visit closest to you.



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cord blood banking new york

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