Cord Blood Banking New York

Cord Blood Banking in New York

The cord blood rave had accelerated over the years, and one place that it gained ground was in New York. With the various establishment of cord blood banks in New York, citizens now choose between private and public cord blood banks. Cord blood banking New York options for expected parents are numerous, with several companies offering services.

Today, millions of people have accepted cord blood banking and have decided to make that initiative worthwhile. People living in New York are fortunate to have choice with umbilical cord blood services.

So, for those who want to venture into cord blood banks and reside in New York, preferred cord blood bank choice for their newborn baby stem cell storage would be discussed in this article. We would also look at some technicalities that families need to consider in dealing with banked blood and saving umbilical cord for stem cell collection at birth.

Companies That Offer The Service For People in New York and Environs

New York has one of the largest concentrations of cord blood banks globally, consisting of both the private and public sectors. This has made the option of choosing a straightforward one for most inhabitants of the city.

However, getting concrete information on the cord bank can be tricky, so we have provided some companies that offer the best services below. A detailed comparison between these companies and others is available on our website. We look at service, costs involved with cord blood banking, guarantees and standards.

Americord Private
Cord Blood Registry Private
ViaCord Private
Cryo-cell Private
 LifeBank Private
Stemcyte Private
New York Blood Center Public

Cost of Cord Blood Banking in New York

cord blood banking new york

Since cord blood banking, stem cell storage, and collection is lucrative in New York; the cost is not as cheap as in other states.

Most private cord blood banking in New York companies charge $5000 for stem cell collection and storage for 20 years with an upfront payment plan.

This plan allows you to pay once without any other charge. Also, other payment plans allow the family to pay around $1500 upfront and then pay annual storage fees of about $150-170.

Legalities and FDA Surrounding Cord Blood Bank 

When it comes to cord blood banking, the New York Bill passed in 2007 was initially passed to allow doctors to educate families on stem cell collection at birth. However, the bill was repealed in 2008, and currently, there are no laws guiding cord blood collection at birth in the state.

Concerning FDA regulations, all cord blood banks in New York are expected to follow the regulations required to run a cord blood bank. This helps protect the families and assures them of safety, so it’s essential to confirm if the cord blood bank has the right permit. 

Future of Cord Blood Banking New York

New York is the base of most cord blood banks in the US and would be a light bearer for cord blood banking. These cord blood banks are constantly researching to find more uses and functionalities of cord blood to better our well-being. So In a few years, we shouldn’t be surprised to see cord blood banking become a leading industry globally with New York as its base.

Frequently Asked Questions

·         Is it Possible To Donate Cord Blood in New York?

Donating your baby’s cord blood in New York is possible no matter which method you decide to undertake. New York has public cord blood banks that collect blood right from the hospitals.

·         Is Cord Blood Banking Cost-Effective in New York?

Cost-effectiveness is based on the type of bank you and your family have decided to use in cord blood banking. This is because several companies and cord blood banks have payment plans which differ and make the process easier for their clients.

·       Is it Important To Bank My Child’s Cord Blood?

The choice of banking your child’s umbilical cord blood depends on the reason and your intention. Many people undertake this process because it assures them of a backup in case of medical issues that might require stem cell transplant for any member of the family. Our viewers can explore further as to whether or not umbilical cord blood banking is worth it for families here.

Alternatives Near New York

For whatever reason, you might decide not to use a cord blood banking in New York service; then, you can also take a short trip to New Jersey. Several cord blood banks in New Jersey also provide excellent cord blood banking services. Many of these banks are licensed, but you can also check the registry for better confirmation. Alternatively, there are certainly many more options for those living elsewhere seeking an umbilical cord blood bank near to them.

Final Thoughts – Cord Blood Banking New York

In conclusion, New York may, over time, play a pivotal role in how far and well cord blood banking develops as ongoing research continues. The fact that cord blood is also gaining ground worldwide is a plus, and we love to see the possibility it holds.